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Managed IT Services

Our offer is simple. We take the burden, stress, and frustration of managing your IT off your plate. If you have an employee who, over time, has become the go-to person to help others having issues with their technology, we will remove that burden, so they can get back to their day job and put your money back to work.

If you are a small to medium sized business owner or executive, you are laser focused on the things that make your company money. Branding, advertising, marketing, sales, people, and collecting money are all examples of the things that cross your mind and potentially your desk every single day. The last thing you need is for something to get in the way and divert attention away from those areas. We get it.

We start by customizing a plan to fit your business needs. We focus on areas that have been a productivity drain and work closely with your team to minimize or completely remove those issues. We then implement our proven strategies to reduce the noise and get you and your team back to maximum productivity levels. After we address any immediate issues, we turn our focus toward maintaining a stress free and productive environment going forward. We do this by proactively monitoring the environment 24x7 365 days a year for potential problems and addressing them before they become actual problems. We would rather have to call you to check in than to have your team calling us to report issues.

Five Critical Areas We Address

Optimize and configure the network for the best performance

If your team cannot reliably connect to printers, applications, file shares, or the Internet, it is impacting your bottom line.

Tune laptops, desktops and servers to their best possible condition

Slow computers and servers are frustrating. In this day and age, if you or your employees are constantly running into performance issues with their equipment, this is a drain to their potential productivity.

Protect you from the bad guys

Our multi-layer cloud an AI driven security services help to insulate and protect your intellectual property and client data from being siphoned out by the bad guys. We also recommend security awareness training to harden your human firewall.

Protect you from disasters and provide business continuity

If a disaster strikes, having solid backups of your company’s data is the only true method to recover quickly and get back to business. If the disaster is severe, having the ability to spin up critical business hardware in the cloud from those backups will allow your business to keep the lights on, even if it is virtually.

Address issues with communication systems

If you still have older, outdated phone systems that are expensive and live in your data closet, we need to talk. Modern VoIP systems that are hosted in the cloud can dramatically reduce total cost of ownership over time as well as provide reliable service in the face of a disaster. If your phone system isn’t tied to your location or copper lines from the street, you have much greater flexibility to be productive from wherever your work might take you. Couple that with a cloud hosted email and collaboration suite and you have a powerful combination to get work done from anywhere.

If we can address all 5 areas above, your team will be on the way to realizing more productivity and putting more effort to the bottom line instead of addressing technical issues.

Schedule a consultation with us today or reach out to us at (682) 233-2972 if you have any questions we may not have covered. We would love to hear from you!