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Adding More To Your Bottom Line


Adding More To Your Bottom Line

  • Posted By Chris Goetz
  • 12/22/2018

As we head toward the last days of the year, many small to midsize business owners and their teams are focused on a ton of year-end activities.   Some are focused on hitting the end of year goals, others are focused on closing out the accounting. And a lot of our clients are already focused on spending the rest of 2018 with friends and family.


If you have had a stellar year (or even if you didn’t) and need a few more deductions to help at tax time, take a look at  There is a ton of great information regarding the write off limits for 2018 that may help on your 2018 tax returns.  Thinking about a new car or truck for the business? Be sure to check out the vehicle deductions sections to see if you can get a vehicle that has a more favorable write off allowance.  Talk with your accountant to compare the options between an outright purchase or a lease. Been thinking about replacing a few printers, computers or smaller monitors? Might be a good time to use the money you would otherwise owe uncle Sam to pump up the office productivity.


If you are all set, great!  If you think you might be able to use a few more deductions, I would highly recommend talking with your accountant or CPA to make sure you are not missing out on a great opportunity.


Give us a call or shoot an email over if we can help to answer any questions regarding your end of year technology purchases.  We have several specials and great financing options available. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season and a great start to 2019!