Texas-based Aspire Interactive Technologies launches revolutionary corporate email security training designed to help businesses prevent data breach nightmares before they occur


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (February 22, 2018) – Aspire Interactive Technologies (aspireforit.com) – a technology consulting firm specializing in aligning the latest advances with a company’s goals for success – announced today the launch of a new program designed to counter cyberattacks before they take hold. This revolutionary, multi-level corporate training initiative transforms a company’s worst practices into their best defense against phishing and ransomware.


We live in a world where one careless, curious click can lead to disaster. Security experts estimate that at least 90 percent of all successful cyberattacks start with phishing emails, and cybercriminals are stepping up their game by using information from social media sites to personalize attacks. This customized cyberattack strategy renders traditional security tactics largely obsolete. Even worse, whaling attacks – phishing emails aimed at upper echelon executives – are even more destructive because of the amount of sensitive information these individuals are able to access.


Most organizations already have basic security safeguards in place, but the number of data breaches in the news lately show how ineffective those can be. The new training program by Aspire Interactive Technologies helps businesses and non-profits find the weak links and repair them before they cause irrevocable damage.


“Your data is only safe with solid, vigilant security. That security needs to start with your employees,” said Chris Goetz, CEO of Aspire. “The best firewall against cyber threats is the human firewall. Our goal is to provide businesses and non-profit organizations with the tools and training they need to ward off these potentially devastating attacks.”


Under the training program, Aspire sends out realistic, personalized phishing emails to their clients’ employees. Once the employee clicks on the phishing URL, they are brought to a ‘404 not found’ page. Aspire takes the results of these emails and uses that data to implement training for all the organization’s employees. The goal of this training is to teach best practices for identifying and avoiding attacks – even personalized ones that may initially look legitimate. Following that, a set of random phishing emails are sent monthly without warning to ensure the training is successful. If the employee does click on the bogus link, it immediately brings them to a page informing them that they have just fallen for a phishing email and reiterating the key points they were taught earlier in the process.


About Aspire

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